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1.5 Inch Colorful OLED

1.5 Inch Colorful OLED

The black and white monochrome displays work well, but we also like to dabble with some color now and then. The big 1.5" color OLED displays are perfect when you need a small display with vivid, high-contrast 16-bit color. The visible portion of the OLED measures 1.5" diagonal and contains 128x128 RGB pixels, each one made of red, green and blue OLEDs. Each pixel can be set with 16-bits of resolution for a large range of colors. Because the display uses OLEDs, there is no backlight, and the contrast is very high (black is really black).

This OLED uses the SSD1351 driver chip, which manages the display. You can talk to the driver chip using 4-wire write-only SPI (clock, data, chip select, data/command, and an optional reset pin).



  • 1.5" diagonal OLED, 16-bit color
  • SPI interface
  • Based on display UG-2828GDEDF11 from Univision Technology
  • Display technology: Passive Matrix OLED
  • Display colors: 262144 (18-bit resolution)
  • Diagonal size: 1.5 inch
  • No of pixels: 128x128
  • View area: 26.9 × 26.9 mm
  • Pixel size: 0.045 x 0.194 mm
  • Pixel pitch: 0.21 x 0.21 mm (RGB pixels)
  • SSD1351 driver from Solomon
  • Package List:

  • 1 x1.5 inch Colorful OLED
  • Documents:

  • Datasheet
  • Product Specification
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