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ESP32-S3 Parallel TFT with Touch 3.5'' ILI9488

ESP32-S3 SPI Version and Parallel Version Comparison: LVGL Demo: The Makerfabs 3.5 inch TF..

$42.80 $36.38

ESP32-S3 Parallel TFT with Touch 4.3"

This ESP32 4.3 inch IPS display could be an ideal displayer& controller for IoT applications..


ESP32-S3 SPI TFT with Touch 3.5'' ILI9488

ESP32-S3 SPI Version and Parallel Version Comparison: ESP32-S3 TFT as USB HID: This is the..

$42.80 $36.38

1 USD BLE Solution Core

When Makerfabs try to make a disposable product that needs to be really low cost, with BLE4.1, we ..


3D Printing Service

Makerfabs dedicated to providing turn-key PCBA service for Makers and new startups. Although we ..


4G LTE Hat For Raspberry Pi

Use your Raspberry Pi with LTE Cat-4 4G / 3G / 2G Communication & GNSS Positioning, for remo..


6 DOF Robot Arm with Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry PI PICO could be a great controller for servo control. With the hardware PIO, the PICO..


CircuitPython PewPew M4

PewPew M4 is an affordable game console programmed with CircuitPython (but also MakeCode Arcade or..


DIY ESP Smartwatch Kit with Weather Forecasting

This ESPWatch Starter Kit is for the beginners to learn how to create an ESP watch with a detail..


DIY ESP32 SmartClock Kit with Weather Forecasting

This is a soldering kit for the starters to learn soldering. After 1~2 hours soldering and as..


ESP32 Development Board WiFi+Bluetooth

ESP32 is already integrated antenna and RF balun, power amplifier, low-noise amplifiers, filters, ..



What is it? The ESP32 Trinity is an open-source ESP32 board for controlling RGB Matrix panels. ..