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Differences Between SMT and Through-Hole Technology | Makerfabs

Posted by Sammaker 25/10/2018 0 Comment(s)

There are some points that make SMT different from through-hole technology.

SMT plays an important role in solving the common space problems in through-hole installation.

Compared to the old model, the number of pins in the SMT is greatly increased.

In SMT, the components are leadless and mounted directly on the board surface. In the through hole, the component has a lead wire connected to the wiring board through holes.

The pads on the surface of the SMT are not used to connect the layers on the printed wiring board.

The components in the through hole technology are large, resulting in a lower component density per unit area. SMT can achieve very high packing densities because it allows components to be mounted on both sides when needed.

SMT has made possible applications that seemed impossible with through hole.

SMT is suitable for mass production and can reduce the cost per unit of component, which is not possible with through hole technology.

Due to the reduced size, it is easier for SMT to achieve higher circuit speeds. SMT meets one of the major marketing requirements while assisting in the production of very small size high performance circuits.

The disadvantage of SMT is the high capital investment involved in its machinery and production.

Compared to through-hole technology, the design, production, skills and technology required to implement SMT are very advanced.

When comparing the two, SMT surpassed the through hole in terms of advantages, and most of the technology used in the board assembly is SMT . However, through holes are expected to continue to be used for testing and prototype applications that may require manual adjustments and replacements. Its complete disappearance from the scene seems to be impossible.

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