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Makerfabs Mabee series are modules with unified connectors, sensors, and actuators, for users to use conveniently by plug& play, without any soldering or detailed checking of the sensor itself. 

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Mabee_6Aixs IMU MPU6050

This Mabee_ MPU6050 Accelerometer& Gyro has 3-Axis digital accelerometer and 3-Axis gyroscop..



A simple button with Cap for digital inputs, with Mabee Interface for easy usage. Makerfabs Mab..


Mabee_Capacitive Soil Moisture

A simple& cheap capacitive soil moisture sensor, measures the soil moisture level of plants ..



This thermal camera measures temperature and displays the thermal imaging figure. It is based o..


Mabee_Relay 10A

A Relay module used to control high voltage& big current circuits On/Off. It is a digital no..


Mabee_Serial WiFi

This Mabee Serial Wifi is based on ESP-12S, to make the WiFi available for more hardware platfor..


Mabee_Servo SG90

A simple& cheap Servo module with Mabee interface, for starters to learn the servo usage and..


Mabee_Slide Potentiometer

Do you still remember your physics class in junior middle school, about the potentiometer? The s..


Mabee_Temperature& Humidity DHT11

Mabee_Temperature& Humidity DHT11 is high quality, low-cost digital temperature, and humidit..


Mabee_TVOC and eCO2 SGP30 & Temperature and Humidity SHT31

This Mabee module is an air quality monitor. Based on SGP30, this module provides TVOC(Total V..



8 pcs of WS2812 RGB LED easily for panel mounting with Mabee interface. 2 Mabee interface Input..