Open Hardware Boards designed& Produced by Makerfabs, mainly for Makers' quick prototyping.

  • Maduino:  IOT(Internet of things) Modules based on Arduino Atmega328P & Arduino Zero(ATSAMD21G18), with various of communication modules such Wifi/ GPS/ GPRS/ Ble... 
  • MaESP: Small prototyping board with ESP32/ESP8266 modules, to various kind of expansions, with usage demo either on Arduino/ MicroPython. 
  • MaPIE: Products mainly on Raspberry Pi Latest Pico& RP2040;
  • Malora: Makerfabs Lora/LoraWAN related products, to help Makers creating lora network& application easily.
  • Mabee: Makerfabs Mabee series are modules with unified connectors, sensors, and actuators, for users to use conveniently by plug& play, without any soldering or detailed checking of the sensor itself. 

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4-Channel Lora Relay 10A

This Lora relay helps to extend the Lora networks to control actuators/ lights/ motors, to create ..


Lora TDS Sensor

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) indicates how many milligrams of soluble solids are dissolved in on..