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Makerfabs X-Ray Checking for BGA

Posted by Sammaker 27/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

Makerfabs provides professional PCB assembly service for prototyping & small batch production, for most of the main component packages, include SMD/THT/QFN/LGA, and BGA, with clearance up to 0.4mm..

It has been always risky for BGA soldering in PCBA prototyping& small batch production, to ensure the BGA soldering quality, Makerfabs checked the BGA soldering with X-ray. 

The traditional AOI is an established, key process control in surface mount (SMT) manufacturing that greatly increases confidence in the quality of the finished product. But for LGA/BGA,  where you cannot optically see the solder connections, the X-ray checking would be the answer to enhance the confidence for our works. 

Bellows the checking result:

As the checking, the soldering result OK. 

Makerfabs also help on the board programming& testing, with customer's guidance. After testing, there 3 pcs board failed in the whole production 200 pcs, while 197 pcs passed,  which is beyond our expectations (99% for normal PCBA, and 98% for PCBA with middle-level difficulty).

PCBA prototyping& small batch production, Makerfabs always on the way to do better !~ Contact Service@makerfabs.com do make your prototype PCBA boards. 

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