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Serious Fake IC ALC5631Q from Realtek | Makerfabs

Posted by Mfabsadmin 10/01/2019 1 Comment(s)
Serious Fake IC ALC5631Q from Realtek
There always plenty of fake IC on Shenzhen local Market , to ensure customer’s project quality, in PCB assembly works, Makerfabs always purchase IC from IC retailers such as Mouser/Digikey/Farnell, or at least validated trustable local vendors because.  But if the IC producer from Taiwan, it’s a bit to deal with, they are not been sold on Mouser/Digikey, and the local channel confusing.

There one project recently the Taiwan Audio Codex ALC5631Q was used, the official datasheet at: http://www.haoyuelectronics.com/service/RK3066/Datasheet/ALC5631Q(RTL5631)%20DataSheet_0.9.pdf 

Our currently validated vendor also do not support this IC, so we have to source them on the market, but unfortunately,  the PCBA VCC and GND totally short!  Crazy~

Take off the ALC5631Q and detailed checked, we found that the GND is totally short with the Pin16, AVDD. This IC is completely a joke , the only thing it did is short the VCC to GND..

And more serious, before we got a working IC, we have tried 3 different sellers, all the same, SHORT, which makes me worried if I misunderstand the datasheet….

And lucky finally I got working IC:

For the NG ICs, the center pad(GND) is short with the Pin16, while actually it should be the Pin18 short with GND, but not Pin16

Suggestions to Makers:
Avoid purchasing IC from Huaqiang bei or Taobao, unless you becomes an expert, purchasing from Digikey/Mouser, or seek Makerfabs’ helps, especially in prototyping& small batch production.

1 Comment(s)

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