Why the ESPwatch? | Makerfabs

Posted by Mfabsadmin 09/06/2019 0 Comment(s)
As an open-source hardware company, we mainly focus on the hardware design and boards production.  The ESPwatch is try we design such a kit for the learners. Why Makerfabs design such a kit, that not seems professional for end users?

I think that this kit is actually a tool but not an end product, that a user can learn all the necessary skills for electronic, include hardware and software

1. Users get to know and feel the difference of the components, and use the iron to solder them.  This seems easy, but actually difficult for the learner…. As an electronic engineer, the iron soldering is basic, and important.

2. Arduino IDE usage. There detailed guide on how to use the Arduino IDE, include lib installing, driver installing, and most important, the basic programming explanation.

3. ESP12 usage. Include the Wifi usage, http communication.  The EPS12 is a low cost Wifi solution that really popular used, if the users get interest on that, he/she can detailed check/study the codes, if not, it is also for programming.a

4. Basic open webserver usage, include MQTT for timer, and openweathermap for the weather forcasting. 

A starter can  learn all the steps directly with the guide, and thus to get a rough idea about how a standard IOT device composed of , even he/she do not got the bottom reason of the codes or the hardware schematic,  and thus to get interest on IOT. That is the reason for Makerfabs ESPwatch

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