H-Bridge Motor Shield

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This H-Bridge Motor Shield based on 8 N-channel MOSFET IRF3205S and 4 pcs half bridge motor controller IR2104, to build 2 H-bridge. With this shield, you can control two DC motor with max current up to 8A with 22v voltage at the same time. Also, you can control the motor direction by the logic 0 or 1 with digital pin and speed by the PWM PIN of you MCU, like Arduino. And we support Screw interface, it is easy to connect to the motor and power.

Model: OAS0000HB
H-Bridge Motor Shield.jpg


  • Operating Voltage: 6 - 22V
  • Continuous output current: up to 8 Amps
  • Peak output current: 15 Amps
  • PWM Duty: 0~99%

Interface Function

ESP8266 WIFI Shield 3.JPG ESP8266 WIFI Shield 4.JPG


Attaching Antennas: GPS Aantenna is required to use the GPS module(Place it at outdoor, very important).
GPS Shield ANT.jpg
Plug to Arduino or Maduino, connect the USB to the PC.
GPS Shield USB.jpg

Load Demo

SIM800F TCP Test

Open up File: Get GPS.ino and upload to your Arduino wired up to the module.

//at 9600 bps 8-N-1
//Computer is connected to Hardware UART
//SoftSerial Shield is connected to the Software UART:D2&D3
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial SoftSerial(2,3);
unsigned char buffer[64];                   // buffer array for data receive over serial port
int count=0;                                // counter for buffer array
void clearBufferArray();   
void setup()
    SoftSerial.begin(9600);                 // the SoftSerial baud rate
    Serial.begin(9600);                     // the Serial port of Arduino baud rate.
void loop()
    if (SoftSerial.available())                     // if date is coming from software serial port ==> data is coming from SoftSerial shield
        while(SoftSerial.available())               // reading data into char array
            buffer[count++]=SoftSerial.read();      // writing data into array
            if(count == 64)break;
        Serial.write(buffer,count);                 // if no data transmission ends, write buffer to hardware serial port
        clearBufferArray();                         // call clearBufferArray function to clear the stored data from the array
        count = 0;                                  // set counter of while loop to zero
    if (Serial.available())                 // if data is available on hardware serial port ==> data is coming from PC or notebook
    SoftSerial.write(Serial.read());        // write it to the SoftSerial shield
void clearBufferArray()                     // function to clear buffer array
    for (int i=0; i<count;i++)
    { buffer[i]=NULL;}                      // clear all index of array with command NULL

Once uploaded to your Arduino, open up the u-center_v8.22 software(Maybe you need to install before):
GPS Shield RESULT.jpg


You can list you question here or contact with support@makerfabs.com for technology support.