Maduino Zero Canbus with RS485

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CAN-BUS is a common industrial communication bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed, and high reliability, it is the backbone of many protocols with applications in automation, industrial systems, building management. This Maduino Zero CAN-BUS based on SAMD21G18A, with the CAN controller MCP2515 and CAN transceiver MAX3015, to create a ready-to-use CAN-bus port. With this board, you can easily get/send your local data remotely with a standard CAN Bus. For example, you can collect local sensor data, using the Maduino zero ports, and send all the data to remote servers, to create remote-monitor with reliable CAN-Bus communication.
Modul: Maduino Zero CAN-BUS
Maduino RS485 101.jpg


  • ATMEL SAMD21G18A: 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0, Arduino Zero bootloader pre-loaded.
  • CAN-BUS/ RS-485.
  • Implements CAN V2.0 at 1M/s.
  • MCP2515 CAN Bus controller and MAX3051 CAN Bus transceiver.
  • Allows for Transmission Speeds Up to 16Mbps of RS-485.
  • Industrial standard 9 pins sub-D connector.


Maduino RS485 102.jpg
DB9 Interface:

DB9 PIN Description


Software setup

  • After installed Arduino, there is no package to support the board (Arduino zero) that is needed to be installed.
  • select tools ->Board -> Board Manager, search "Arduino zero" and install "Arduino SAMD Boards".
  • Select Tools ->Board -> Arduino Zero (Native USB Port), select Tools -> Port -> com…


Github: Maduino-Canbus-RS485

  • The sensors or devices which can carry on RS485 or CANbus are connected to the board through cables. in this project, use the same board instead of the device being tested, and connected two board by cables or Dupont Lines to check the communication between boards.
  • The pins connection is:
Maduino Zero CANbus with RS485 Devices or sensors
RS485_A RS485_A
RS485_B RS485_B


  • One board upload the code Maduino-CANbus-RS485/CAN_Sender/CAN_Sender.ino, and the other upload the code Maduino-CANbus-RS485/CAN_Receiver/CAN_Receiver.ino. Both programs include the functions which can realize receiving and sending data in CANBUS communication mode.
  • After the upload is successful, open the Serial Monitor and you can observe that the board is receiving and sending data cyclically through CANBUS. The green indicator light on the board will flash when data is received.

Maduino RS485 103.jpg


  • Two boards upload the code Maduino-CANbus-RS485/RS485/RS485.ino.
  • After the upload is successful, open the Serial Monitor and send data through the Serial Monitor, and receive the data through RS485 communication on another board. The blue indicator light on the board will flash when data is received.

Maduino RS485 104.jpg
Maduino RS485 105.jpg


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Github: Maduino-Canbus-RS485