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|width="32%" valign="top" align="left"|
|width="32%" valign="top" align="left"|
*[[Temperature & Humidity Sensor]]
*[[8 Channels Infrared Remote Control Module]]
*[[PIR Motion Sensor]]
*[[Infrared Remote Controller]]
*[[Tiny RTC]]
*[[ENC28J60 Ethernet Module with RJ45]]
*[[Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch]]
*[[Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout]]
*[[Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Module]]
*[[ACS712 Current Sensor- 5A]]
*[[1-Axis Analog Gyro Module-ENC03]]
*[[2-Axis Analog Gyro Module-ENC03]]
*[[Strain Gauge Module]]
*[[4MM Inductive Metal Proximity Sensor]]
*[[Fingerprint Sensor]]
*[[Infrared Thermometer MLX90614 Breakout Board]]
*[[Luminosity Sensor- TSL2561 Breakout]]
*[[HC-SR505 Mini PIR Motion Sensor ]]
|width="32%" valign="top" align="left"|
|width="32%" valign="top" align="left"|
*[[Digital light Sensor]]
*[[MAX3232 RS232 to TTL Converter Module]]
*[[Photosensor- Short Range]]
*[[1 Channel RF Remote Controller AC 110V - 220V]]
*[[Photosensor- Long Range]]
*[[1 Channel RF Remote Controller DC 5V]]
*[[One Wire Waterproof Temperature Sensor]]
*[[2 Channel RF Remote Controller DC 5V]]
*[[Accelerometer Breakout-MMA7361]]
*[[315M RF Controller Kit]]
*[[3-Axis Analog Gyro Module-ENC03]]
*[[Weight Sensor Scales Kit- 20KG]]
*[[Non-invasive AC Current Sensor-100A]]
*[[TCS3200 Colour Sensor Module]]
*[[Analog CO/Combustible Gas Sensor(MQ9)]]
*[[UV Sensor ML8511]]
*[[Barometer Sensor]]
*[[IMU 10DOF LSM303D+L3GD20 +BMP180]]
*[[Encoder Gear Motor-25MM 95RPM]]
|width="32%" valign="top" align="left"|
|width="32%" valign="top" align="left"|
*[[ESP-32S Wifi Bluetooth Combo Module]]
*[[Tiny Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch]]
*[[Adjustable Infrared Switch 3 - 80cm]]
*[[Tilt Sensor With board]]
*[[1-Axis Analog Gyro Module- ENC03]]
*[[Serial JPG Camera]]
*[[Dust Sensor- DSM501A]]
*[[Dust Sensor- GP2Y1010AU0F]]
*[[Pulse Sensor]]
*[[Sound Recorder- ISD1760]]
*[[80cm Infrared Proximity Sensor-GP2Y0A21YK0F]]
*[[Analog Smoke/LPG/CO Gas Sensor(MQ2)]]
*[[G1/4" Water Flow Sensor]]
*[[ENC28J60 Ethernet Module]]
*[[UV Sensor Module-UVM30A]]
*[[APM2.5 Airspeed Breakout Board MPXV7002DP]]

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To make your making and innovation easier, we offer various development platform, modules, tools, electronics components,and other open source hardware.we also provide many kinds of service ,include Fusion PCB service, Component Sourcing service and PCB Assembly service etc.
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