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The Makepython Lora transceivers feature the LoRaTM long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising current consumption.

MakePython Lora 01.jpg

Makepython Lora need to be work with Makepython ESP32, can be acted as a Lora Gateway.
MakePython Lora 02.jpg

MakePython Lora 4.jpg

The Makepython Lora offers bandwidth options ranging from 7.8125kHz to 500 kHz with spreading factors ranging from 6 to 12, there are three choice of the working frequency.

Item Lora Moduie Working frequency
MakePython Lora 433M RFM98W-433MHz 433MHz
MakePython Lora 868M RFM98W-868MHz 868MHz
MakePython Lora 915M RFM98W-915MHz 915MHz

MakePython Lora 5.jpg
Free ISM bands world Wide(come from TI)


MakePython Lora 6.jpg


The following diagram shows the pin arrangement , top view.
MakePython Lora 7.jpg


Lora gateway--MicroPython


The routine uses MicroPython for programming, and two Lora gateways are used for long-distance communication in the complex environment of the city. The actual test distance reaches 2.8 kilometers. If the interference is small in the suburbs, the distance will be farther.

You can get ESP32 from here: Makepython ESP32
MakePython Lora 8.jpg

1. Plug the antenna and MakePython ESP32 into MakePython Lora, assemble into Lora Gateway, and connect the USB cable.
2. Download the code from here: Code_433M. (Note: Please select different files for downloading Lora modules in different frequency bands)
3. Upload all the files in the Code_433M file to two ESP32 Lora Gateeay.
MakePython Lora 9.jpg
4.After the upload is successful, press the MakePython ESP32 reset button.
5.Test Results
Two people are measuring in a city with a complex environment:
MakePython Lora 13.jpg
The test distance is 2.8 kilometers, if you go to the suburbs, the distance will be farther.
MakePython Lora 12.jpg

Lora gateway--Arduino

Note: If you purchased it before December 2020, you need to weld two 0Ω resistors at R6, R9. Purchases made after December 2020 are not required.

  • Prepare the Makepython ESP32 module.
  • You can get the code from here: Github.
  • Install the ESP32 Board on the Arduino IDE.(link to the installation tutorial)
  • Install RadioLib.h library.
  • Defines the frequency of the Lora module in the code.
  • Upload the code to the MakePython ESP32 module.
  • Assemble Makepython ESP32 module and the Makepython Lora, and power on.
  • The Lora module loops a message "Hello World" to the nearby same band module.
  • Similarly, when the ESP32 module is uploaded codes, it receives messages from nearby modules in the same band.


You can list your questions here or contact with for technology support.