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Makerfabs aims to establish a global ecosystem that is open and bottom-up. We aspire to connect with IoT enthusiasts worldwide, creating a mutually beneficial economic framework. Partners can join us in roles such as distributor, partner seller, sponsorship, affiliate, and more. Let's collaborate together.

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A place you can learn to start and program the product with step-to-step tutorials

A place for global developers to share ideas and thoughts.

A place for global developers to share their projects.

A place for global developers to share open-source hardware code.

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Become a Makerfabs distributor to enjoy discounted prices and share our products to the world.
Partner Seller
Makerfabs allows DIY electronics hobbyists to sell their products on the platform for a joint profit.
Makerfabs aims to collaborate with affiliate members, rewarding them with a commission of 5%-10% for driving traffic and sales to Makerfabs(In progress, not yet available).
Makerfabs aims to establish partnerships with electronics enthusiasts worldwide to provide them with sponsorships.

Ecosystem In Numbers

Makerfabs serves as a vendor of products and services related to Open Hardware, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, mbed, BeagleBone, IoT, Smart Home, and more, catering to Makers and emerging Startups.We offer turnkey PCBA services that cater to makers and startups, covering the entire process from creating the initial PCBA prototyping board to mass production. Our services encompass PCB design, component sourcing, assembly, soldering, programming, testing, case design, 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, packaging, and shipping.

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Service Covered Countries & Areas
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End Users Worldwide

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