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A Simple Tiny Device to Build I/O with the Physical World.
Display Image with Raspberry Pi Pico by Arduino Many people are familiar with Raspberry Pi Pico now, but some people are still very unfamiliar with Pico programming using Arduino. This i
How to Make an ESP32 Sound Recorder? In this project, we will make a simple ESP32 sound recorder, with both sound input and audio output. We will use the MakePyhton ESP32 and
How to Connect ESP32 to WiFi Without Programming? I met a problem in ESP32, that I have to reprogram the ESP32 everytime I changed a location, This tutorial shows how to connect ESP32 to w
Getting Started with Arduino: DIY LED Clock This is an Arduino tutorial for starters: Getting Started with Arduino, learn how to control a LED light, we will make a DIY LED clock. M
How to Monitor Wind Speed with MQTT In this project, we will learn How to Monitor Wind Speed with MQTT, to get the wind speed data of a specific place and display it on an ES
Play Video Games on ESP32 TFT Touch Screen We will learn how to play video games on ESP32, using the ESP32 & 3.5″ ILI9488 TFT Touch Screen display, to play the "flappy bird" and "20