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A Simple Tiny Device to Build I/O with the Physical World.
Makerfabs Customer’s Crowdfunding - Lite3DP Gen 2 Makerfabs Customer’s Crowdfunding bring excellent mSLA resin printer to the world- Lite3DP Gen 2 As an Open Hardware designer& producer, Ma
MAKERFABS 2024 SPRING FESTIVAL HOLIDAY NOTICE Dear valued customers, We would like to express our gratitude for your continued support throughout 2023. As the Spring Festival of 2024
DIY A Thermal Imaging Monitor In this article, I will DIY a thermal imaging monitor using the ESP32-S3 parallel TFT touch screen and the MLX90640 Thermal imaging camera.
ESP Series: ESP8266/ ESP32 Related ESP series are very popular in makers' projects, ESP8266 and ESP32 are the most commonly used, We will talk about those 2 ESP series from Es