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A Simple Tiny Device to Build I/O with the Physical World.
How to Make an ESP32 Sound Recorder? In this project, we will make a simple ESP32 sound recorder, with both sound input and audio output. We will use the MakePyhton ESP32 and
How to Connect ESP32 to WiFi Without Programming? I met a problem in ESP32, that I have to reprogram the ESP32 everytime I changed a location, This tutorial shows how to connect ESP32 to w
Getting Started with Arduino: DIY LED Clock This is an Arduino tutorial for starters: Getting Started with Arduino, learn how to control a LED light, we will make a DIY LED clock. M
How to Monitor Wind Speed with MQTT In this project, we will learn How to Monitor Wind Speed with MQTT, to get the wind speed data of a specific place and display it on an ES
Play Video Games on ESP32 TFT Touch Screen We will learn how to play video games on ESP32, using the ESP32 & 3.5″ ILI9488 TFT Touch Screen display, to play the "flappy bird" and "20
Arduino Tutorial: Canbus Communication with DHT11 1. OverviewIn this tutorial, we will learn how to use Arduino code to implement CANBUS communication with DHT11 sensor. We will also using