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A Simple Tiny Device to Build I/O with the Physical World.
Matouch New Year's Special Events -The Giveaway ,Exciting free gifts with great discount ! Makerfabs Matouch series has reached a New Milestone. Based on the ESP32 chip, Makerfabs' Matouch series have many features, support WI
MAKERFABS CUSTOMER’S CROWDFUNDING BEGINS-Raspberry Breadstick MAKERFABS CUSTOMER’S CROWDFUNDING BEGINS-Raspberry Breadstick simplifies your journey into the world of electronics As Open Hardware design
ESP8266 WiFi Shield Firmware Upgrade V1.0 We found a problem with our ESP8266 WiFi shield firmware upgrade: some firmware versions may not come true user's HTTP request function, her
Display Image with Raspberry Pi Pico by Arduino Many people are familiar with Raspberry Pi Pico now, but some people are still very unfamiliar with Pico programming using Arduino. This i
How to Make an ESP32 Sound Recorder? In this project, we will make a simple ESP32 sound recorder, with both sound input and audio output. We will use the MakePyhton ESP32 and
How to Connect ESP32 to WiFi Without Programming? I met a problem in ESP32, that I have to reprogram the ESP32 everytime I changed a location, This tutorial shows how to connect ESP32 to w