Your order may be in the following status, the detail meaning is:
1. Pending: Your order is submitted to us but without checkout.
2. Confirmed: Your order is accepted by us and payment confirmed.
3. Payment Failed: Your order submitted, but the payment failed. The order life-cycle stopped.
4. Processing: We are checking your orders.
5. Manufacturing: Your (PCBA) order is in manufacturing.
6. Waiting: Human interaction is needed for your order.
7. In Production: Your (PCB) order is in production.
8. Shipped: Your order is collected for assignment by the forwarder.
9. Traceable: Tracking information for your order is available.
10. Canceled: Your order is canceled.

1. We will reserve the "pending" order for 2 weeks. If you don't check out within this period, the order will be canceled.
2. Once your order has reached "processing" or "Manufacturing", it can no longer be canceled or otherwise altered in any way.
3. If your order is set as "Waiting" status, our customer/service staff will contact you within 24-48 working hours to get this flag cleared ASAP.
4. Some Particular orders' Processing time will be longer than 3 working days, like the Fusion Service. We will apply the "In Production" status flag to these orders.
5. Please contact our customer service staff timely if you need to cancel an order. To avoid any trouble, please recheck your shopping cart before checking out.