Our Mission
Established in 2015, Makerfabs is a vendor for Open Hardware, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more, catering to Makers and new startups. We offer 400+ open hardware products, ensuring quality and competitive pricing. With over 5 years' experience, Makerfabs supports hardware development. We provide turn-key solutions, including PCB, PCBA, molding, drop shipping, and part sourcing, enabling you to focus on design.
Makerfabs, Fab service for brilliant ideas
Hardware supports for startups, IoT solution and PCBA service
Open Hardware Supplying
Makerfabs is a leading provider of open-source hardware and electronic components, serving global customers with a diverse range of products and services.
PCB Manufacturing
Makerfabs offers fast PCB production (2-4 days) for 1 to 1,000 pcs. Worldwide DHL shipping (2-5 days) available. Free color options: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, White.
PCB Assembly service
Makerfabs offers full PCB assembly with precise quality control. Our comprehensive process includes DFM check, component sourcing, soldering, testing, and more. With over 5 years in IoT, we also specialize in OEM & ODM for WiFi, Lora, BLE, GPRS projects.
Mechanical Service
Makerfabs offers Molding Design, CNC, 3D printing, Packaging, and more. With over 5 years' experience, we collaborate with reliable design houses and manufacturers in Shenzhen. We take responsibility for quality and lead time coordination. Contact us for proven vendor lists.
What Products Makerfabs Provides
Makerfabs is an open hardware related product&service vendor that supplies a wide range of products for Makers,Engineers,and new Startups, products series including MCU \ IOT \ DISPLAY \ SENSORS \ STEAM EDUCATION \ ACCESSORIES.
steam education
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