MAKERFABS CUSTOMER’S CROWDFUNDING BEGINS-Raspberry Breadstick simplifies your journey into the world of electronics 

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This blog we introduce one of our customer's Crowdfunding Projects--Raspberry Breadstick.

Raspberry Breadstick,the revolutionary development board that are not only easy to use but also delivers a clean prototyping experience,have launched its crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply. Designed by Michael Rangen and Cody Jacob, it eliminates the need for long jumper wires, supporting CircuitPython and MicroPython, offering an exciting electronic experience without wire chaos.

  • breadboard Without jumper wires :

The Raspberry Breadstick eliminates the need for tangled mess of jumper wires. As Raspberry Breadstick spreads its I/O pins out along the length of the breadboard, which delivers a clean and organized workspace that can help you easier to understand and troubleshoot.

  • User-friendly coding experience:

The Raspberry Breadstick offering a user-friendly coding experience, which supports coding in CircuitPython and MicroPython, not only accepting the Python’s beginner-friendly syntax,but also could compatible with Arduino programming language for those who’re more professional.

  • Diverse Features:

The Raspberry Breadstick have Diverse and surprising features,Controlling 24 vibrant RGB LEDs effortlessly using the Adafruit DotStar library or FastLED library,which Gather rotation & accelerometer data from the 6-axis IMU.For example,the Raspberry Breadstick could use to make a POV (Persistence of Vision) wand,which creating stunning smoothly visual effects when it moves through the air.According to the latest news, the Raspberry Breadstick also could made into a MIDI instrument.

Michael Rangen and Cody Jacob , the brilliantly creative force behind Raspberry Breadstick,made a team that aim to advancing hardware development and re-thinking the electronics prototyping experience. Back to seven years ago,2017,the beginning of this brilliant project,Michael Rangen embarked on his journey to create a product simplifying the electronics prototyping experience into diverse projects. Finally, comes the Raspberry Breadstick solution that transcends the limitations of traditional methods. 


In 2022, Breadstick Innovations team became Makerfabs customer, and we provided most of the exciting electronic components& PCB Assembly service, Makerfabs good service& quality made us creating good cooperation.
Product picture as following:

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If you are interested in having a more simplified experience in using/learning Raspberry Pi RP2040, you could participate in this project!

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