CFexpress Type B to SSD Adapter Converter

New CFexpress Type B to SSD Adapter Converter

It has 2 color options for this product:
- Silver: Double-layer circuit board, lead-free tin spray treatment;
- Gold: Use 4-layer circuit board to achieve better impedance matching design, immersion gold treatment;

This is a quick DIY way to convert the NVMe SSD(2230) to CFexpress, which is normally used for Cameras/Xbox, or card readers.
With Makerfabs’ detailed design of both mechanic& PCB wires, there this convertor specs:
1. Fully compatible with NVMe SSD 2230, the SSD can be directly installed into the case, without any modification/processing of the SSD.
2. Consideration of the heatsink, by big arear of ENIG both top& bottom side, and also the top metal case.
3. HIGH-speed PCB layout, do not lead to any SSD speed losses.
4. Fully compatible with Cameras(with Standard CFexpress plot)/Xbox/card readers. The camera CFexpress slot can be closed the same as a standard CFexress card.


Compatible with CFexpress Type B Card Reader:



1. SSD not included, clients need to buy SSD separately.
2. There about how the SSD supports the device, need the users to confirm by themselves. Makerfabs testing result for reference:

Part List:

  • CFexpress Type B to SSD Adapter Converter x1
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