ATmega32 Tetris DIY Open Kit

ATmega32 Tetris DIY Open Kit

CircuitPython PewPew M4

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PewPew M4 is an affordable game console programmed with CircuitPython (but also MakeCode Arcade or even Arduino, if you prefer that). When you connect it to your computer, it appears as a disk drive with all the code in Python files, graphics in GIF files, and sound in WAV files — you can just edit them with any program to make it do whatever you want. It comes with several example games and online tutorials for getting started, a good way of easily running workshops on game programming and electronics with Python. Regular Python is too difficult to install with all the necessary libraries on the participant computers. Raspberry Pi works better, but requires screens and keyboards, and is very easy to break. This device can be programmed with pretty much any computer (even a tablet or phone), and it's cheap enough to be given away to the participants at the end of the workshop.

PewPew M4 removes almost all obstacles between you and programming a game. No installation of runtime environments or libraries, no setting up of IDEs, no need for Internet access or JavaScript-capable browser. Just connect it, and you are ready.



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