Hermes Lite 2 Enclosure

Hermes Lite 2 Enclosure

The Tulip Creative Computer -1

The Tulip Creative Computer

Hermes Lite 2 IO board

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This board connects to the Hermes Lite 2 and is mounted above the N2ADR filter board. It provides switches to control attached relays, antennas and power amplifiers. A complete description is here

The user must solder in jumper wires and load software to make it work. 

Note that Makerfabs will test all boards before shipping, but does not provide usage help. For all support and questions, please seek help from here!forum/hermes-lite.

Parts List:

  • Hermes Lite 2 IO board*1;
  • End Plate 40*1;
  • End Plate 55*1;
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