Leaper - Upgraded Arduino RFID& Stepper Driver Learning Kit for Mega

Leaper - Upgraded Arduino RFID& Stepper Driver Learning Kit for Mega

Open Wind Station GPRS/ MQTT

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Update: In the past 3 months, we made a weather station and recorded the weather data in Shenzhen, check the video to see the result.

This Makerfabs Wind Station enables the users to monitor multiple weather specs remotely, with GPRS communication and Server such as MQTT.

The real-time weather or long-run weather data is important for movements such as surfing, or in Meteorological Research. This wind station measures the outdoor humidity/ temperature/ atmospheric pressure/ wind speed, (and any other meteorological data depends on expanded sensors), and transmits the results remotely to the server for recording/ analyzing, or to the phones for real-time checking.

Besides, this wind station also integrates some other important features, which make it a suitable platform for further applications.


  • Micro controller ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
  • PM2.5 monitoring with expanded PM2.5 sensor
  • GPS for locating
  • Grove connectors for customers’ expanded testing
  • OLED display for real-time checking& debugging
  • Onboard buzzer/ SD card slot
  • High-power 1000 mAH battery for long-term usage
  • Solar panel charging
  • With Case(but not water-proof), could be re-made for water-proof with glues easily
  • Arduino compatible/ Support MQTT
  • Besides, all related hardware/firmware/software are open for makers’ remixing.

    Parts List:

  • Wind Station Board x 1
  • Battery x 1
  • Case x1
  • High Precise Anemometer x1
  • Links:

  • Wiki
  • Guidance: Use Wind Weather Station with MQTT
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