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Raspberry Pi CM4 TV Stick

Raspberry Pi CM4 TV Stick

Raspberry Pi CM4 TV Stick plugs directly to HDMI port of your TV/monitor and needs only power via USB-C to let you:
- Play retro games with RetroPie
- Turn your monitor or TV into a Smart TV with Kodi
- Take your Pi anywhere, no need to carry HDMI cable


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi CM4 eMMC and no-eMMC
  • HDMI plug
  • Micro SD card connector
  • USB-C connector for data/power
  • Two USB2.0 USB-A connectors
  • USB2.0 as solder pads on reverse side
  • IR receiver
  • User button
  • USB multiplexer selector switch: enable 2xUSB-A ports or CM4 USB device mode
  • Power and Act LEDs
  • 14 GPIOs, as well as GND, 5V and 3.3V solder pads on reverse side of PCB for hacking
  • Connector for Ambilight-like lightning with WS2812 or WS2801 LEDs (GND, GPIO18, GPIO10 and GPIO11)

  • Note: Raspberry Pi CM4 is not included.


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