2000W SCR Dimmer 220V

2000W SCR Dimmer 220V

TDA7297 Amplifier Dual Channel 15W

TDA7297 Amplifier Dual Channel 15W

TDA7377 Amplifier Dual Channel 35W

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The TDA7377 is a new technology class AB car radio amplifier able to work either in DUAL BRIDGE or QUAD SINGLE ENDED configuration. The exclusive fully complementary structure of the output stage and the internally fixed gain guarantees the highest possible power performances with an extremely reduced component count. The on-board clip detector simplifies gain compression operation. The fault diagnostics makes it possible to detect mistakes during car radio set assembly and wiring in the car.

1. Connect to speakers
Connect the two wires of the speakers to the audio output port of the power amplifier, the left channel speaker is connected to the LOUT port of the amplifier and the right channel speaker is connected to the ROUT port, the positive connects to "+", the negative connects to "-".

2. Connect to sound source
Use an audio cable with an end of 3.5mm stereo headphone plug and plugin 3.5 stereo headphone jack of the amplifier.
The other end of the audio cable is connected to the audio source (such as computers, mobile phones, MP3, DVD).

3. Connecting to the power supply
1) Connect to the adapter of the power supply
Use the power supply in which the output is above DC12V3A.
Connect the output cable of the adapter to the 12V port of the power amplifier board.
The positive connects to the "+" of the port while the negative connects to "-".
2) Connect voltage converter
Use the voltage converter in which the output is above AC12V3A.
Connect the two output cables of the converter to the 12V port of the power amplifier board.
Because the output of the converter is alternating current, it is not positive or negative.

4. Play music
Plugin the power, the blue power indicator will light up which means that the power amplifier board starts working.
You can adjust the volume knob according to their own preferences.


  • Dimension: 60×56×50
  • Output power: 35W+35W
  • Power supply: DC 9-15V/50-100W
  • Channel type: 2.0 stereo
  • Response frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Matching speakers: 4-8 20-120W 3''-10'' bookshelf speaker, floor speaker
  • Package List:

  • 1 x TDA7377 Amplifier Dual Channel 35W
  • Documents:

  • Datasheet
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