Makerfabs Drop Shipping Service available, free to makers. For your PCBA project, We can be your online store, warehouse, logistics dept, and finance dept.

1. Why a maker need drop shipping service?
There are a lot of Makerfabs PCBA customers feedback us a problem: Hey, Makerfabs, I am a Maker and in my partial time I made a cool design, I want it to be produced, but I do not have an on-line store to sell them, and also, I do not have a warehouse to stock them, I do not want to bother on packaging/ shipping the products to my users…

Yes, packaging the products and shipping them to the users always not an easy work, there are many exceptions that need to be dealt with, tax/ customs/ invoices...

As the on-line store, an easy way to sell the PCBA boards is the Tindie:


Tindie is a place that you can create your own seller in a few minutes, and sells your PCBA boards there. Tindie dedicates to new& original-designed projects. There you have your own production management panel, to deal with all your orders introduction/ pricing and shipping.

But Tindie acts most likely eBay, it can’t help on the warehouse, shipping… How to get a turnkey service for your PCBA project?

Another solution is Makerfabs Drop-shipping Service.

2. What Makerfabs dropshipping service could be help:
1. As your on-line Store. Your project could be listed on Makerfabs on-line store for selling, as you provide the project's explanation/ spec.
2. As your Warehouse. Here Makerfabs 100 square warehouse can be also your project warehouse, unless your project volume exceeds our ability.
3. As your Logistics Dept. Makerfabs can help to package your projects as your requests, shipping them with DHL/ FedEx/ UPS/ Airmail, and help to deal with the exceptions in the shipping.
4. As your Finance Dept. Makerfabs will have records for all your projects selling/ shipping, and check the finance with you at a scheduled time, or wait for your checking.

3. How this drop-shipping goes:

1. If you need to list your projects listed on Makerfabs on-line store, contact us or your PCBA project manager, with your project specs and documents/ prices, so we can list your projects in Makerfabs store. Of course, you can also list them on sale at any other place such as Tindie, or your own online stores.
2. As your PCBA production is OK, you can notify us of your shipping schedule, for example, if you need all your produced 100 pcs kept in Makerfabs warehouse.
3. Users purchase the products, either at Makerfabs or any other place.
4. For orders at Makerfabs, we will directly ship them to customers, and have a record& report to you.
5. For orders at other stores, you notify Makerfabs of the shipping info. Makerfabs ship them and have a shipping fee records/ report to you. Using the Google drive could be a good communication solution, which has been proven OK in our experience.

• Makerfabs check the balance with you every week, or month.

4. Dropshipping Service Cases from Makerfabs Customer:
With Makerfabs drop shipping service, you do not need to take extra consideration on so many none-design works. By May 2020, there are more than 10 projects drop-shipping service Makerfabs have provided, include:

**Note that if there's customer tech support needed, Makerfabs will forward the request to the designer.**
The most important is, all these services FREE!~ Makerfabs provide all the services without charging a coin for our works. Why? Why Makerfabs provide these without making money?

Yes, of course, as a business, Makerfabs is not a charitable organization, our goal for these services is:
If you, as Makerfabs PCBA customer, do better, Makerfabs will also~