In the past 2 years, as a PCBA prototyping & small batch assembly producer, Makerfabs is honored to be involved in many interesting GameBoy projects. With the authorization of public release by the designer, some gameboys projects we produced:
1. KITE’S SUPER AIO Game Console

Kite's super AIO support LCD 320x240, it built-in Atmega32u4 for buttons and joystick, integrated charger, SD slot, stereo amplifier, WIFI, etc, support Pi Zero, or Pi 3 with optional extender.

Makerfabs helps on the mainboards prototyping& PCBA mass production for more than 2 years.

Yes, there're some exceptions happen in the PCBA production, such as XXX, Makerfabs discover the risk and solved them in time, to ensure the one-time pass rate >98.5%.

"Thanks for the email. Everything had been received before CNY/spring holiday (fantastic timing by the way!) and everything has been tested. There were very few failures, and none of them seemed related, so I think it's been the most successful batch yet! So good work on that. "--- Giles Burgess

YouTube Link:


2. Galaxy Gaming Gameboy


If you want Nintendo Game Boy-style, handheld, portable console, the Galaxy Gaming Gameboy Zero PocketPi FE kit is as good as it gets. It includes fast 320×240 high contrast ratio and high viewing angle 2.6" Screen, i2S Audio, On-Screen Battery monitoring, and safe shutdown.

Makerfabs have been proud to join this Gameboy project, with our cost-down suggestions for PCB/Components. PCBA production still goes on…

For more detailed info:

3. Tinypi Pro Gameboy

TinyPi Pro is a miniature gaming console based on raspberry pi. It started as a personal project to see just how small you could make a raspberry pi based handheld.

Every part of the project has been carefully selected to ensure the best possible experience, there only a 1.3-inch display, with 240x240, and advanced digital audio capabilities, with a 400mah buried in its core. More important, lovely 3D printed case.

Makerfabs has been produced the PCBA for 2 rounds, with 100% board pass for the first batch 20 pcs prototyping, and mass production for the 2nd round.

Check the production status at

4. µGame 10 Python Game Console


Unlike the above raspberry Pi-based gaming, the µgame is based on separate controller ATSAMD21E18A. It is a tiny little game console in which you can write your own games with Python. Python language is perfect for learning, but it's hard to create games, there is a lot of up-front work that needs to be done installing and configuring everything on every computer on which you want to run your game. The µgame remove all the obstacles and make it possible to just connect the device to your computer and start writing code right away.

Makerfabs has produced 3 rounds for these projects, from prototyping to mass production. Boards were 100% tested before the shipping, there is also a YouTube video for how Makerfabs solder the screen manually:


You can check the new Gameboys project update (2020): 3 New Gameboy Projects from Makerfabs.