Makerfabs MaMUWB has reached a New Milestone.

UWB Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a short-range, wireless communication protocol that operates through radio waves, enables secure reliable ranging and precision sensing, creating a new dimension of spatial context for wireless devices.

But in application, the most problem in UWB is the signal mutual conflicts/interference, that when there multiple anchor& tags exists. Makerfabs latest UWB module that solves multiple anchors& tags mutual conflicts, support max 8 Anchors + 64 tags in application , supports antenna delay settings for tags and anchors , which make it possible to use UWB tech with any controller easily, with simple AT commands, create a multi-anchor multi-tag positioning system. Help you easily made Everything's under control in your IOT project!

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Makerfabs is an open hardware designer&producer with experience in IOT (WiFi/BLE/LoRa/GPRS) projects, Arduino/ ESP32/Rapaberry Pi and specializes in small batch PCB & PCBA solutions, providing efficient and high quality services.

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UWB summary table :


  ESP32 UWB(Ultra Wideband) ESP32 UWB Pro ESP32 UWB Pro with Display ESP32 UWB DW3000(Ultra Wideband) MaUWB_DW3000 with STM32 AT Command
CORE UWB DW1000 DW3000
Controller ESP32  ESP32+ STM32*1
AT module(Easy to use) N Y
Screen N N 1.3” 128*64 N 1.3” 128*64
Measuring distance(m) 45 200 200 20 500
Battery Socket N N Y N Y
UWB Channel 2\5 2\5 2\5 5\9 5\9
Apple U1 Interoperable N Y*2
Wireless  Wifi, Bluetooth
Arduino compatible Y
USB power Supply 5.0V(4.0V~5.25V);
indoor positioning Y
multiple anchor & multiple tag Implement in users's firmware *3 Default factory firmware
Maximum number of anchors/tags Depends on user's firmware 8*anchors + 64*tags
Suitable for Normal Testing Long distance needed Long distance needed Product development Field application
Prices($)  $39.80/$41.80 $51.84  $54.80  $43.80/ $45.80 $54.80 
 *1:Makerfabs also provide bare MaUWB module(with STM32 controller pre-programmed with MaUWB firmware+ DW3000);
 *2: Proven by DW3000 IC producer Qorvo;
 *3: Makerfabs only provide basic usage demo/guide, do not promise full tech support;


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