As customers ordered the PCBA(Printed Circuit Board Assembly) service, and payment completed, Makerfabs projects manager will kick off the PCBA manufacturing, and the whole PCB assembly process starts as:

1. Project Kicking Off.
Makerfabs project manager will start the project via the internal ERP system, and also emails, to the engineering dept (ED), to apply the PCBA production.

2. Internal Engineering.
The ED checks all the PCBA production files if they are proper& enough for production. If yes, ED notifies the production dept (PD) to start the project. Meanwhile, ED needs to prepare the testing method, sometimes, testing jigs needed.

3. Components Souring.
PD notify the purchasing dept to begin the related sourcing& purchasing work. Mainly components& PCB board& stencil, lead time normally 1~2 weeks.

4. Component Checking.
The purchasing dept sends all the materials to the production dept for checking and confirmation.

5. Production Schedule.
PD PMC(production manager control) begin to arrange the production line, to schedule the SMD soldering.

6. PCBA Prototyping.
SMD programming, and reflow oven temperature adjusting. And make the first 1 pcs prototyping circuit boards.7. Prototyping Board Checking.
Engineers in ED checks the first sample, especially the components/oritation. If questions, negotiate with the project manager, or the final customer. If OK, confirm for further production.

8. Mass SMD Soldering.
For mass production, will use the pick-n-place machine for SMD soldering.

9. AOI(Automated Optical Inspection).
AOI Checking for SMD soldering, and repair if any problems on the PCBA boards.

10. THT Soldering.
Boards will be soldered manually, or wave soldering, depends on the quantity, and the circuit board design. If wave soldering, PCBA fixture needed.

11. Function Testing.
Engineers in ED will test all the PCBA 100%. And if any PCBA board does not pass, repairing.

12. Visual Checking,
Check out the bad-looking PCBA boards.

13. Packaging And Shipping.
Those are very simple steps for Makerfabs PCB assembly process, and actually, in the project it would be much more complex, and lots of steps to verify all circuit boards are produced as intended to 100% boards testing OK as they are shipped to Makerfabs cooperators. Contact us to get your PCB Assembly Quote Now!