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Dual Edge TPU Adapter - PCIe x1 Low Profile

Open Gamma Detector

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Open-source hardware for a simple, yet powerful all-in-one scintillation detector and multichannel analyzer (MCA) for gamma spectroscopy and radiation detection. Can be easily modified on the software and hardware side to be integrated into other projects.

Programming can be done via the Arduino IDE and the micro-USB connection; the software is also open source. Instruction on how to do this can be found on GitHub and Hackaday. The software is optimized to work with Gamma MCA out of the box, allowing live-plotting and the recording of spectra via the USB interface.

Makerfabs is authorized to produce the latest version of the Open Gamma Detector by the designer.

Note: SiPM and scintillator are not included in this kit.


  • Compact design: Total size 120 x 50 mm. Approx. 70 x 50 mm area for electronics and additional 50 x 50 mm to mount a scintillator.
  • All-in-one: No external parts (e.g. sound card) required to record gamma spectra.
  • Easily programmable using drag-and-drop firmware files or the standard Arduino IDE.
  • Low-voltage device: No HV needed like with photomultiplier tubes.
  • Can use SiPMs in the voltage range of 27.5 V to 33.8 V.
  • 4096 ADC channels with built-in 3 V voltage reference.
  • Default Mode: About 25 µs total dead time while measuring energy.
  • Geiger Mode: About 15 µs total dead time without energy measurements.
  • Low power consumption: ~25 mA @ 5 V with default firmware.
  • Additional broken-out power pins and I2C, SPI and UART headers for custom parts (e.g. display, µSD card, etc).
  • Built-in True Random Number Generator.
  • Simple OLED support out of the box.
  • Reference:

  • GitHub Repository
  • Hackaday Project
  • Gamma MCA
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