Sunton ESP32-S3 4.3

Sunton ESP32-S3 4.3" 800*480 IPS with Touch

Open Gamma Detector

Open Gamma Detector

Sunton ESP32 2.8" 240*320 TFT with Touch

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This Sunton ESP32 2.8” TFT provides a cheap solution for ESP32 display, in intends for easy/ quick applications. It is based on ESP32-D0WDQ6(WROOM), the display resolution is 320*240, and resistance Touch.

Compares to Makerfabs ESP32 displays, The Sunton ESP32 display uses cheaper solutions, but maybe enough for your filed applications, such as the USB2USB convertor (CH340), ESP32 version (WROOM), etc, and the most significant for Sunton display is the much lower cost, which makes it suitable for IoT mass filed applications that are sensitive to cost.
Besides, there is a 16G SD card in the display, for customer storage such as pictures, so customers do not need to bother purchasing them.

As for the software/ usage, there Sunton team provided some demos& manuals, but not detailed enough, and we Makerfabs do not throw risks to users, we have all tested the files, and re-make some demos/explanations in our wiki, including the basic demo of display with LVGL/ Touch interaction/ On_board RGB LED/ Backlight Adjusting/SD card, to make sure that all the users, include new starters, can use this board with our wiki without any problems. Customers can cross-check the files(the user manual by Sunton and Makerfabs wiki) in development.


  • Core controller: ESP32 WROOM;
  • Resolution: 320*240 TFT;
  • Resistance Touch;
  • Dimension: 2.8 inch;
  • Onboard RGB LED; Onboard Photosensitive resistor(for auto Backlight adjustment);
  • Extended IO for applications' usage;
  • Speaker connector
  • Package List:

  • SunTon ESP32 2.8" Touch x1;
  • 16G SD Card x1;
  • Expansion cable x1;
  • Micro USB cable x1;
  • Documents:

  • SunTon 2.8 inch_ESP32-2432S028R Datasheet& Demo
  • Wiki
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