8 channel Relay for Home Assistant

8 channel Relay for Home Assistant

DC Motor for Home Assistant_GA36Y-555

DC Motor for Home Assistant_GA36Y-555

Weather Station for Home Assistant/ ESPHome

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We all like home assistants, which make “IOT” easy for common users, Makerfabs weather station is based on home assistants to make weather monitoring easy and visualized, suitable for Makers to DIY a home weather station in a few minutes.

ESPHome is an open-source project to help you customize smart home solutions based on popular ESP32/ESP8266 boards. ESPHome natively integrates with Home Assistant. It reads in a YAML configuration file and creates custom firmware which it installs on your ESP device. Devices or sensors added in ESPHome’s configuration will automatically show up in Home Assistant’s UI. Makerfabs home assistant/ ESPHome weather station is based on ESP32, it integrated common weather sensors, for the user to easily install a tiny weather station. It can monitor:

  • Temperature & Humidity With AHT10, it monitors temp& humidity with temperature accuracy ± 0.3 ° C and Humidity accuracy: typical ± 2%
  • Air pressure with BMP280
  • PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10; SSAP10, Industry grade Laser PM2.5 sensor which is widely used on air conditioners, and intelligent air purifiers, compared to the IR version, the Laser version is highly accurate and output stable.
  • Wind speed;

  • MaTouch-1-9-Inch

    Makerfabs do not make the hardware and leave the SW problems to customers, we made all the YAML files and also the driver files, users can follow our guide step by step, with only copying/pasting and clicking, to create a home weather station in 10 minutes.

    Note that although we have a guide on how to set this station configuration, also customers need to know the home assistant implementation and ESPhome installation, either on a PC or Raspberry Pi. Please check the https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/esphome/


  • Weather shelter for Rain;
  • 5V USB for Power/Home Assistant Programming;
  • YAML file/ Drivers, detailed usage Guide
  • Open hardware
  • Reference:

  • Github
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