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AC Dimmer for Home Assistant

New AC Dimmer for Home Assistant

This is the world’s first AC dimmer based on ESP32/ ESPHome, that truly compatible with Home Assistant, so the users can directly control the AC lights/fans easily with HA on phone.

There many DIY “dimmer” in the internet, but many of them actually used PWM for cutting the AC ON/OFF, this is not good, as it will make the lamp blink; a true “dimmer” should firstly detect the AC zero-crossing point, and then control the triac to chop the AC.

Makerfabs Home assistant AC Dimmer chopper circuit is based on Triac BT139, and zero-cross checking circuit, it detects the zero-cross points and then the Triac controlled to chop the AC.Besides, to avoid the problem of AC can not be totally shunted off with Triac, a relay is implemented to make the AC totally On/Off.

8 channel realy

Compares to WIFI AC Dimmer, this home assistant AC dimmer is based on ESP32 plus a simple STM32 as co-controller, to ensure the ESP32 run HA firmware smoothly while the STM32 detects the zero-crossing point in real time, so finally to ensure it can chop the AC as intended.


  • On board AC-DC, No external power supply needed;
  • On Board Relay to totally shut down current leakage;
  • ESP32 for Home assistant/ ESPhone;
  • STM32G030F6P6 , for AC choppping;
  • Suitable for AC 110V~230V, Any frequency;
  • Max Load: 2KW;
  • Files&Usage:

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  • AC Dimmer For Home Assistant
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