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SenseLoRa LoRa Receiver

SenseLoRa_Industrial-grade Soil Remote Monitor V2(Humidity/ Temperature/ PH/)

SenseLoRa_Industrial-grade Soil Remote Monitor V2(Humidity/ Temperature/ PH/)

SenseLora_Industrial-grade Air Monitor

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This air monitor is specially used for green house monitoring, it detects:

  • Air temperature& humility
  • CO2 concentration
  • Light intensity
  • And then transmit the data via LoRa P2P to LoRa Receiver( on your room desk), so user can monitor the field status or have them recorded for long-term analyze.

    LoRaWAN is good,but sometimes you do not need LoRaWAN, or it difficult/expansive to implement a LoRaWAN network, not to mention the cloud. From example, monitoring your backyard soil humility, or monitoring the status in your farm greenhouse. Actually, Makerfabs think that in these applications, a simple LoRa P2P make the story easy/convenient, that is way we developed the SenseLora products.

    8 channel realy

    This module monitor the greenhouse filed status, and broadcast all the sensor data Periodically via LoRa P2P, with Jason format, this LoRa signal can be received by Makerfabs LoRa receiver, and thus to display/record/analyze on PC. The monitor name/data cycle can be set with a phone, so it can be implemented in the filed easily.

    This air monitor is powered by internal lipo battery charged by solar panel, can be used at least 1 years with default setting (cycle 1 hours)


  • ESP32S3 module onboard with the WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Ready to use, power it on directly to use
  • Module name/signal interval settable easily by phone
  • IP68 water-proof
  • Temperature: -40℃~80℃,±0.3
  • Humidity: 0~100% moisture
  • CO2: 0~1000 ppm
  • Light intensity: 1 - 65535 lx
  • Communication distance: Lora: >3km
  • 1000mAh battery, charger IC onboard
  • Solar panel 6W, ensure system works

  • Useful links:

    User Manual:

    BH1750 Datasheet:

    SGP30 datasheet:

    Hardware& Software:

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