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SenseLora_Industrial-grade Air Monitor

SenseLoRa LoRa Receiver

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LoRaWAN is good,but sometimes you do not need LoRaWAN, or it difficult/expansive to implement a LoRaWAN network, not to mention the cloud. From example, monitoring your backyard soil humility, or monitoring the status in your farm greenhouse. Actually, Makerfabs think that in these applications, a simple LoRa P2P make the story easy/convenient.

This Lora receiver is designed to work with Makefabs SenseLora modules, it receive LoRa signal around and forward to computer, so the data can be displayed/recorded and analysis via the computer. 8 channel realy

This receiver features:

1. Plug-n-Play. Just plug it into your PC USB port to start to use it, it receives LoRa data with the same frequency;
2. High sensitivity antenna, we prepared antenna with long wires, so the antenna can be installed outside of house, to make it receives LoRa data as long as possible. Tested with Makerfabs air monitor, the distance can be at least 3km, suitable for most farm applications.
8 channel realy
3. LoRa data can be displayed/Recorded by any COMM port or stored in SD card. Besides, MF LoRa Receiver Python for storage to Excel, for data analysis.

8 channel realy            8 channel realy

8 channel realy                 8 channel realy                  

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