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Maduino Zero 4G LTE(CAT1 A7670)

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The Maduino Zero SIM7600 CAT-4 get so much 5-stars in the past, but we got many feedback on the price because the CAT-4 module SIM7600 cost high, especially in many IOT project that CAT-4 do not essential.

That is the reason we made this CAT-1 4G solution. This 4G LTE module is based CAT-1 A7670, make it possible to apply 4G connection to your project with much lower cost.

As the 2G network steady close world around, 4G could be good/reliable way for IOT remote monitoring/controlling before 5G/Starlink widely used. This Maduino Zero 4G LTE module uses the A7600(E/SA)CAT-1 module, to help Makers to achieve the 4G connection easily. Besides, this module can be a fully 4G access to your computer/PI, and also for telephone/SMS...


1. As IoT applications 4G access to the Internet:

For IoT applications, that run based on MCU such as Arduino/ STM32, the controller communicates with A7600 with AT commands, to create an Internet connection. This is mode fits most of the simple applications. Makerfabs Maduino Zero 4G LTE module is based on ATSAMD21G18A, which is Arduino compatible so friendly for Arduino developers, user can easily gain local data, ranging from a simple temperature to images/video, and create internet data communication back and forth in a few minutes.

2. Telephone& SMS

Makerfabs Maduino Zero 4G LTE provides a full set of telephone functions including code/decode, that with an earphone, you can easily make it to a phone. Right for alarm systems that related to security needs to be notified directly in emergencies such as Gas leakage alarming.

3. 4G access for CPU such as PC/Raspberry Pi...

For platforms with operating systems such as PC/ Raspberry Pi, with the right driver installed, Maduino Zero 4G LTE can be directly 4G node. Of course, there all the drivers are ready for you at Makerfabs. Note that it is CAT1, so the rate much slower than CAT-4 SIM7600.

Note there are E/SA versions, Please check in detail as your location and select the proper solution.

***Please note that as A7670 are not registered at USA, so not support USA network currently, for USA users, please use the SIM7600 version ***


LTE Cat-1, with uplink rate 5 Mbps and downlink rate 100 Mbps
GNSS Positioning
Arduino Zero platform, Arduino IDE compatible
Dual USB type-C, one for MCU programming/UART, the 2rd on for A7670 USB port
Supports dial-up, phone, SMS, TCP, UDP, DTMF, HTTP, FTP, and so on
SD card socket
USB supply voltage range: 4.8~5.5V, 5.0V Typically; Battery supply voltage range: 3.4~4.2V, 3.7V Typically
Onboard charger, up to 1A charge current; Overcharge protection(OCP), 4.3V; Over-discharge protection(ODP), 2.5V 


Part List:
Maduino Zero 4G LTE A7670 Board x1
GPS antenna x1
4G LTE antenna x1


Hardware& usage:
A7670 Datasheet& Manual :

Usage Wiki:

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