Weather Station for Home Assistant/ ESPHome

Weather Station for Home Assistant/ ESPHome

8 Channel button controller for Home Assistant-1

8 Channel button controller for Home Assistant

DC Motor for Home Assistant_GA36Y-555

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A DC motor that can be directly controlled by Home Assistant& ESPHome, help users to create automatic home IOT projects in few minutes.

 ESPHome is an open-source project to help you customize smart home solutions based on popular ESP32/ESP8266 boards. ESPHome natively integrates with Home Assistant. It reads in a YAML configuration file and creates custom firmware which it installs on your ESP device. Devices or sensors added in ESPHome’s configuration will automatically show up in Home Assistant’s UI.



This Home Assistant compatible DC motor can be used for home automatic applications such as Electric garage door/ curtain, it is based on a DC motor GA36Y-555, with up to torque, and ESP32 controller/ DRV8870 DC driver, using with Home assistant, users can create the control connection with between the phone/PC in few Minutes. Makerfabs has prepared detailed usage guide on How to use this Home assistant DC motor.

Besides, there also 2 collision switches for position limiting, so the DC motor can stop as the switch trigger, to avoid the DC motor locking, essential for field applications.



· Power: 12V2A DC;

· DC Motor: (No load)RPM-112/0.39A; (Rated Load) RPM-90/0.97A/
· ESP32 for Home assistant/ ESPhone;
· 2 Position limits Switch


Parts List:

· DC Motor with ESP32 Controller Board
· CH340K programmer


Files& Usage:
· Github

· Wiki

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