DC Motor for Home Assistant_GA36Y-555

DC Motor for Home Assistant_GA36Y-555

8 Channel button controller for Home Assistant

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We all like Home assistant, which make “IOT” easy for common users. This 8-channel button is based on home assistant ESPhome, for quick implement of your smart home.

ESPHome is an open-source project to help you customize smart home solutions based on popular ESP32/ESP8266 boards. This button controller provides 8 inputs to Home Assistant device, so it possible to create remote controlling without taking a phone/computer.



Note that although we have guide on how to set this station configuration, but also customers need know the home assistant implement and ESPhome installation, either on a PC or Raspberry Pi. Please check the https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/esphome/



· Power: USB Type-C
· 5V USB for Power/Home Assistant Programming;
· YAML file/ Drivers, detailed usage Guide
· Open hardware


Useful link:

· Github

· Wiki


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