Makerfabs Daily: Solving the Soldering Problem - Checking of Customer Consigned Components
Makerfabs helps Maker& Startups with turnkey PCBA solutions, but truly, sometimes our customers can get components at a better price than ours, maybe because the designer more familiar with the special supply chain, or because of the tax, or different component quality.
To save the customer cost, it is OK for our customers ship All, or some of, components to us for assembly works, Makerfabs PCBA service is flexible. Sometimes, bad quality components may be consigned by customers, or customers’ 3rd party vendors, which we will need to pay more attention to.

In the production of Retro, the designer Giles sends us some of the connectors for soldering. 1 year ago, we encountered a problem about the DDR connector soldering problem, that the long connector gets bend after soldering.

We solved this soldering problem by designing a special tool to press the connector, to make it not bend in the reflow soldering:

In the recently PCBA soldering, we encountered another soldering problem… The HDMI connector also gets bent, as the reflow soldering:

Makerfabs make the following investigations for this:

1) Double checked the soldering temperature, it is right and reasonable

2) Try to Dry the HDMI Connector in the Drying Oven

We try to dry this connector in the drying oven, for 2 hours and try again the reflow soldering, but the same thing happens again.

3) Conclusion
So our conclusion is: this batch connector is a bad quality that can’t bear reflow soldering temperature(245 degrees). As this component is the designer Giles consigned to us via his 3rd party vendor, we report him this problem and our conclusion:

Makerfabs bought this connector from our vendors, and the final PCBA's soldering quality much better, and ensures the final production quality.

At Makerfabs, we not only solder the PCBA but also help to check out the mass potential risks for customer design, from components, PCB, to final programming, testing, and assembly. If you have further questions and related production requirements, feel free to contact us at for help. 

Update on 4th Dec 2019: As a PCBA manufacturer in China, Makerfabs deals with all kinds of production problems every day. Recently, We got some OLE sticking problems in a round of board production. You can check this article to see How Makerfabs solve the OLED Sticking Problem.