Previously we came up with some problems during a PCBA manufacturing project from the UK, the DDR Connector couldn’t attach to the board 100%, which would lead to big risk on the PCBA soldering quality.

The DDR connector length is more than 70mm and the fixture plastic material, the connector is easy to get a little bent, and one end of pins can’t touch the pads well.

After discussing with the technical team, we decided to use the fixture, made of special material to connectors touch the board completely. Problem solved! We wish our experience and solution could be helpful to those that also suffer this DDR connector problem.

This is just a small episode of our countless projects, from material purchase to prototyping and small batch production, we control each phase strictly to make sure the defective percentage reduces to the minimum.


We hope that Makerfabs can supply full support for each maker, engineer, startup, this “full” covers many aspects, high quality, considerate after-sales service, and the most important is to grasp every single detail, chasing for perfection with an artist spirit.

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