The Makerfabs biannual reunion was held on March 30th,As a modern company , Makerfabs always put the happiness of our employees in the first place, because only when they are physically, mentally and emotionally happy and energetic, they can show their full potential and bring greater success to the company.

At our company, we understand the importance of leisure and socializing after work for our employees. Therefore, our company often organizes various forms of group building activities in order to allow employees to relax and soothe themselves after stress, and to enhance mutual understanding and friendship. This party house activity is one of them, we provide a perfect place for employees to release themselves, sing loudly and enjoy the joyful atmosphere belonging to the team.

In this reunion, we organized a variety of exciting activities, including singing, playing board games, having a barbecue, and much more! We were confident that everyone would have a great time and we were thrilled to see how much fun everyone had.Many coworkers brought their families and children to enjoy the fun time.

The event kicked off in the afternoon and went on until the late hours of the evening! The neon lights of the party house at night were absolutely stunning and added to the already vibrant atmosphere.

As you can see below, people talk and help themselves to the barbecue.The kids had a great time eating, and the potluck with their parents was also a lot of fun for the kids.Everyone's faces were beaming with joy!

The success of the team comes from the efforts and dedication of each member, while the success of the company cannot be separated from each and every employee who works happily. We believe that through such group building activities, our burst of passion and team spirit will continue to inspire us to move forward together. Every employee of Makerfabs is the mainstay of the team and the cornerstone of our success.