Based on the ESP32 chip, Makerfabs' Matouch series displays have many features, support WIFI and Bluetooth with good compatibility with LVGL, as well as capacitive/resistive touch functionality and support for Arduino compilation, making them ideal as displays and controllers for LOT applications, ideal for applications such as home automation; and with a built-in SD card that allows recording/playback of archived data. 

Makerfabs Matouch Series 1.28’ and 2.1’Rotary display both are very popular and have a lot of similarities, 1.28’  and 2.1’  are circular in shape, and they both have rotatable housings. So in response to two products that are so similar and popular, we've decided to launch a poll to find out what you guys think?

We've made a comparison video about the similarities and differences between these two products, which may help our customers better understand which one is more suitable for there project.



In order to get a clearer idea of the answer to this question, we decided to conduct a Matouch 1.28 inch VS. 2.1 inch Vote for your favorite Event:

  • 1. Vote with  Giveaway : Vote and Giveaway on Twitter/Facebook ;
  • 2. Free gift : Purchase 1.28' or 2.1' product will be eligible for FREE Light Strips

  •  Read on to discover how you can participate and win prizes.


How the poll with Giveaway works?
poll with Exclusive Giveaway - Win Exciting Prizes: winners can get a Top voted product.

How to Participate:

  • Vote for your favorite product;
  • Like and Retweet 
  • Follow@Makerfabs 
  • Comments your thoughts and @ us .

Drawing 10 winners after voting closes.

Event Time:02/04/2024- 16/04/2024

product link:

2.1 inch : 

1.28 inch:


Makerfabs is an open hardware designer&producer with experience in IOT (WiFi/BLE/LoRa/GPRS) projects, Arduino/ ESP32/Rapaberry Pi and specializes in small batch PCB & PCBA solutions, providing efficient and high quality services.

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