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DIY ESP32 SmartClock Kit with Weather Forecasting

DIY ESP32 SmartClock Kit with Weather Forecasting

DIY-ESP32-SmartClock-Kit-Components DIY-ESP32-SmartClock-Kit
This is a soldering kit for the starters to learn soldering. After 1~2 hours soldering and assembly, and easy steps to set the Wifi name/password with a phone, you will get:
1. An real-time clock, it will get the world real-time from the Network timing protocol, you can set your local time zone easily
2. An Alarm clock, with loud noise
3. An Online world weather forecaster, about the local temperature/weather, you can easily change/alter your address/cities without any re-programming
Update on 2023/5/15: Due to the weather API we used before is out of service, we have to switch some other weather API, so the ESP32 SW had to be updated. Customer can easy update the SW with a PC and a USB cable. Please check How to update the ESP32 Smartclock SW.

To reduce the soldering difficulty, all the SMD parts have been soldered, the users can only solder the THT parts, and then set the Wifi network with a phone, and finally turn on the power to enjoy the success.

DIY-ESP32-SmartClock-Kit-THT-Capacitor DIY-ESP32-SmartClock-Kit-THT-Buzzer
DIY-ESP32-SmartClock-Kit-Soldering DIY-ESP32-SmartClock-Kit-Cut-Pins

Parts List:

  • ESP32 SmartClock Kit Mainboard
  • Batch of Capacitors& Resistors/Connectors
  • Colorful LCD Module
  • Lipo Battery
  • Acrylic Boards
  • Nuts & screws
  • Useful Links:

  • Makerfabs DIY ESP32 SmartClock Users Manual
  • GitHub
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