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MakePython nRF52840

MaESP ESP32 Dev Kit

MaESP ESP32 Dev Kit

MakePython ESP32 Color LCD

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Based on those MakePython solutions, Makerfabs can also help to customize those boards with customer’s special requests. Contact for detailed info and further discussion. More detail you can read our PCB Design and PCBA Turnkey Solution.

Python is one of the most widely used, simple, and easy-to-learn programming languages around. MicroPython is a lean implementation of the Python 3 programming language that has been pared down to run efficiently on microcontrollers.

This MakePython ESP32 Color LCD is the color LCD version of the MakePython ESP32. The only difference is that this version using a colorful 1.3 inch LCD ST7789, which makes the boards suitable for applications that need a colorful display. Besides, also this version has 2 optional for users: WROOM(NO PSRAM) and WROVER(8MB PSRAM).

The MakePython ESP32 color LCD board is programmed with MicroPython by default, users can begin the MicroPython development as getting them on hand. There's also the Makerfabs MakePython ESP8266.


Project_1. MakePython ESP32 Color LCD: WiFi Screen Receiver

Project_2. MicroPython Programming on MakePython ESP32 Color LCD

Project_3. By Volor Projects

Project_4. MP3 Player By Volor Projects


Pin Definitions:

1. IO34, IO35, IO36, IO39 input only.
2. GPIO12 is internally pulled high in the module and is not recommended for use as a touch pin.

Booting Mode:

Physical Dimensions:

Document Download:

ESP32-WROOM-Datasheet ESP32-WROVER-Datasheet WiKi WiKi
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