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1. What is the mean by "Premium"?

The PCB Service can meet >95% of customer's requirements, but for some guys, especially makers who have experience in hardware development and projects that need many special requirements, they need more reliable& advanced PCB services, such as multiple layers more than 4, blind holes, FPC. That’s why we Makerfabs provide this "Premium PCB Service".

2. What’s the main upgrading compared to the common PCB services?

This "Premium PCB" service is based on "1-by-1 Quotation", so we would be able to meet your personal requirements. Compared to the common PCB service, the main upgrading is:

  • Support More Kinds Of PCB: FPC/ Rigid-flex PCBs are available now at Makerfabs;
  • More Professional PCB Specifications: PCB Multilayers 1~28; Blind holes; Copper thickness up to 3oz; Thinner/Thicker PCB thickness 0.2mm~6mm;
  • More Reliable Quality: Sharper silkscreen; 100% E-test + 100% visual check; More color for PCB(Include Matte Black, Matte green, and purple); Minimum PCB track /Space up to 3 mils;
  • For FR-4 PCB, please refer to the detailed specs& comparison with common PCB services:


    For FPC& Rigid-Flex PCB, please refer to the below detailed specification:


    3. How to begin my "Premium PCB" Service?

    1. Download the Premium PCB Specifications and input your PCB demands, if you do not know how to selector for some of the parameters, just leave it as it is.
    2. Send this file and your Gerber files to For the Gerber files, please send the PCB Gerber file(RS-274X).
    3. We Makerfabs will quote it for you in 1~3 working days. If you think it is OK, after your payment, we will make your PCB into production. The fabrication time will be 3~12 days (excluding the Chinese festival).
    4. Note that the 300$ free shipping policy does not apply to the Premium PCB service.

    4. Check this video to know how is the FPC Assembly Process in Factory

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