EMS-PCBA-Service Makerfabs EMS

Makerfabs EMS(Electronic Manufacturing Services) in Shenzhen, provide one-stop PCBA manufacturing and assembling from prototyping 1 pcs to batch production, to help makers& startups to turn the designs to final products rapidly, our service includes the PCB hardware design, PCB and PCBA manufacture, components sourcing, mechanical design, 3D printing, molding, electronic product assembly and testing, etc...
The main products we servers: IoT/ smart-home products; medical instruments; open hardware, such as: Arduino/ Python/ Raspberry PI/ Microbit/ ESP32 products…

Why Choose Us?

  • Quick Feedback Within 1-3 Hours
  • 1-to-1 Specialist Service
  • Free Design for Manufacture(DFM)
  • Turnkey Solution: From Electronic to Mechanical
  • Friendly to Makers/ Startups/ Hobbyists
  • Quality Guaranteed: Free Reproduction if Needed
PCB Manufacture
Makerfabs provide reliable express PCB production with lead time 2~4 days, range from 1 pcs to 1,000 pcs, with express direct DHL shipping 2~5 days to any place on this planet. With color Blue/ Green/ Red/ Yellow/ Black/ White for Free.
Premium industry level PCB, supports multiple layers 1~40, with laser drill microvias, blind vias, via-in-pads, impedance control, support FR4/ HDI / FPC/ Rigid-FPC/ Aluminum/ Rogers…
For any special requests, or PCB cost estimation, you can also send inquiry to service@makerfabs.com for an instant quotation.
PCB Assembly

Makerfabs provide turnkey PCB assembly service, with a range of process control, refined and strict PCB assembly workflow and quality commitment, including DFM Checking/ Components Sourcing/ Reflow Soldering/ Wave Soldering/ Programming/ Testing/ Coating, to ensure each PCBA board out from our hands works perfectly in your electronic project.

With more than 5 years’ experience in IoT instruments, Makerfabs also provide OEM & ODM for IoT projects such as WiFi/ Lora/ BLE/ GPRS...

Mechanical Service

Makerfabs Mechanical Services include Molding Design/ CNC/ 3D printing/ Packaging, etc. One company can't do all these works by itself. As an EMS company in Shenzhen and more than 5 years' producing experience, Makerfabs have cooperated with some companies& design houses, who have been proven to be reliable, we are willing to share the contacts list, or help our customers to integrate all the advantages/ abilities of them, to make a final product that is ready to ship to the end-users, with nice mechanical/ case design...

Makerfabs takes the responsibility to coordinate Shenzhen locally design house& producers, and thus to control the final quality/ lead time. All cooperators’ factories lists/ contacts open, anyone interested this can contact us for vendors list, that has been proven reliable.

Other PCBA Services

Besides the Electronic manufacture, to help makers/ startups turning the idea to a real project, and the project to a product, Makerfabs provide one-stop service to make the customers' projects into a real final electronic product, including:

Based on Makerfabs IoT products, we also help to design IoT projects hardware, including PCB Schematic/ PCB Layout/ BOM/ Testing Method;
All Kinds of certifications such as FCC/ CE/ UL/ ROHS… To ensure the product could be sold legally on the market;
Free Warehouse/ Free Drop shipping service, to send your products directly to end-users, save your Time& Shipping cost.
Professional EMC Optimization Consulting.