EMC Optimization Service

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What's EMC certification optimization service?


Today’s equipment designers need to do more than just make the systems operate under ideal conditions in the laboratory, products must be designed to work in the “real world”, with other equipment works nearby, and to comply with government electromagnetic regulations.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requires that system/equipment be able to tolerate a specified degree of interference and not generate more than a specified amount of interference. It becomes more important because there are so many more opportunities today for EMC issues, and is also the basement of certifications such as CE. For industry level products, the EMC is Mandatory, without EMC certification, it may be blocked from the market, and leads to annoyance/ property loss/serious injury and even death.

Basically, EMC certification include EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) and EMS(Electromagnetic Susceptibility)

-EMI: Electromagnetic emissions from a device or system that interfere with the normal operation of another device or system, it also referred to as Radio Frequency Interference(RFI)

-EMS: The ability of equipment or system to function satisfactorily in its Electromagnetic Environment(EME) without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in that environment.


For personal makers, the EMC consideration is something complex and needs really a lot of experience, and for small& medium-size companies, they are on a limited budget and cannot afford full-time compliance engineers, which leads to the risk of project. Now, the good news is that, Makerfabs provide partial-time EMC certification optimization service, by Professional& 10-years-experienced EMC engineer.

Duff Xie, 39 years old, previous works in the word-class medical company (EU/US), dedicated to EMC certification optimization for more than 10 years, In the past 10 years, Duff engage in many famous products EMC design works, include ECG monitors/ X-Ray, and in charge of the core boards design works. Duff would be glad to share himself as a partial-time EMC consultant to Makerfabs customers.


How to use Makerfabs EMC certification optimization service?

For Professional EMC optimization service:
1. Customer sends the files to service@makerfabs.com and the current project situation.
2. Duff checks the files and communicates with customers, for free EMC suggestions.
3. If EMC Testing& Certification needed, Makerfabs project manager will quote, depends on the request and Duff’s Professional suggestions/ estimations.
4. Makerfabs engineers, together with Duff, to deal with the problems in the testing& certifications(the EMC certification will be done at 3rd party Authorized laboratory), make optimization suggestions, to ensure the EMC final result.

Also some links for EMC Certification on PCBA designing:

1. https://www.protoexpress.com/blog/7-pcb-design-tips-solve-emi-emc-issues/

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